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                                                          March 2014

With  Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces the holy trinity of water signs in  2014 look set to evoke a very emotional year. Now at a personal level this could be very enriching, Romance is in the air, People could be besotted by the idea of finding a soul mate or enhancing existing relationships by deepening their commitment in a very 'spiritual way'.

Which is all vey lovely of course.Nevertheless trying to live ones life like a rom com needs to be tempered by a hefty dose of realism or we  could be lining  ourselves up for a few disillusioning moments! 

While on a broader level the financial, political and religious institutions  could get far too dogmatic, enflaming situations needlessly from a very mis guided sense of  their own self serving morality, that said though 2014 could be a turning point  once Jupiter enters Leo in July. 

This year we could begin to realise  in a very poignant sense that we're all connected.That until all our wealth and resources are intelligently (compassionately) distributed things will continue spiralling chaotically  down the pan on the most destructive way.

That a pampered  fashionista in Manhattan can never truly be at peace until every single disenfranchised infant in the developing world  is properly feed ,has effective medical aid ,has somewhere safe to sleep at night and is receiving the education they need to live  the life which is their birth right, If we don't wise up to the reality that we are all responsible for the well being of every other person on the planet  the 'everywhere spirit' as Sitting Bull called the Tao is no longer going to tolerate our disproportionately selfish existence here. 

The wrath of the divine could come down heavily on us all vert soon - Look at the weird weather we are having globally!

WE must remember that every man and woman was created to live in harmony with the natural world . 20th century excuses  just wont cut now. We have the consciousness and the technology to create with very little effort a Utopia here on this beautiful blue planet.

LOVE IS THE LAW  ask any sentinel being.

The following pages are my ‘sun sign’ predictions. The house positions (area of life where events might happen) are of course based on a solar chart that gives the general vibe of the planets’ effect on the signs, whereas an individual’s personal (natal) chart is a far more accurate tool for prediction. Even so, sun sign astrology can evoke the general atmosphere attending a particular sign and at times be surprisingly on the button!

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